About Us


Lion's Group Realty is your one-stop-shop for everything Real Estate! Everyday our goal is to serve our customers and provide the best resources available, so that we can build a lifetime relationship.  We believe that our expertise and relationships will give our customers the advantage to achieve the best outcome available to them. 

It is important to note that the foundation of the company is built around the symbolic meaning of a lion. Lions represent strength, wisdom, power, dignity, courage, dominion and authority, among other things.  We take pride (no pun intended) on making sure our clients know who they are dealing with.  We are experts and leaders that understand the market and have the position to get you where you need to be.  You should take comfort in who you are trusting one of your largest investments with.  Our moves and our decisions are done purposefully and tactfully since no two deals are the same, which is why we are "Conquering Real Estate One Transaction At A Time". You are always our priority!




Lion’s Group Realty is in the business to provide an effective resource to all individuals in the real estate market to strategically find the best investment that will help them reach their financial goals now and in the future.  While performing this task, it is of utmost importance that we provide the highest quality customer service to build a lifetime relationship with our customers.


LGR offers a range of services for buyers ranging from finding the perfect home and/or investment opportunities, negotiating offers, transaction coordination, property management, home service management, consulting and more.  Our property management services range from: marketing and advertising, tenant qualification, monthly management, walk throughs, eviction, and maintenance coordination.

We take pride in representing sellers looking to sell their home fast.  We market our properties as if it were our own and are selective of the homes we choose to sell. It is important that the Seller understands that every agent isn't the right one to sell their property.

Furthermore, we believe that education is key in making an informed decision.  The market is flooded with agents looking for their next deal to close. Our goal at LGR is to make sure that all of our clients, with some guidance and advice, can make the best decision for their family.  That does not always mean that buying a new home is the right choice to make.  Therefore, we hold seminars to help educate the public about helpful hints and tools to use in the real estate market if you are looking to buy real estate, sell real estate, buy a business, purchase a foreclosure, etc.