Sharonda Lawrence Realtor


Sharonda Lawrence is a high-quality realtor and business mastermind. Sharonda started her real estate career in 2007 on the cusp of an American financial crisis. It was a tough time in the real estate market but she dug in and learned how to work with short sales, foreclosures, and distressed properties. Because she came into the profession at this time it gave her an advantage over other realtors who were accustomed to easier transactions and who had no desire to move with the rapidly changing market. She used this advantage to learn the market and excel fairly quickly as a real estate agent.


Sharonda holds a Master’s of Business Administration and has been a business owner for more than 25 years. Her education and business savvy sets her apart in her industry. She is great communicator and enjoys the art of negotiations. Sharonda specializes in marketing and listing properties. Trust her with all of your real estate needs.