Huey Whittaker Operations Manager
Phone:  (813) 967-7808

Mr. Whittaker is a graduate of the University of South Florida, where he obtained his Bachelor's in Business Management.  During his tenure with USF, he was also a member of the USF Football Team.  He had a succesful college football career and was able to achieve many accolades and still holds some USF records as a USF Wide Receiver.  After college, he began playing professional football, including the National Football League, the United Football League and the Arena Football League.  Mr. Whittaker has made a huge mark in the Arena Football League and has also been an intregal part in one of his teams ability to win the World Championship.  He has held leadership roles with most teams as a Team Captain, Team Rep for the Union and is a current member of the AFLPU.  Mr. Whittaker has also volunteered with multiple organizations and has his own Non-Profit Organization which holds training camps for the youth.

Mr. Whittaker's background in professional athletics has given him the ability to be a disciplined leader in every arena of his life.  He was recently named as a leading producer for his territory and has received national recognition for his exploits in recent years.  He is consdered a leader among his peers in the industry.  He has been in the real estate industry as a Property Manager and an Investor.  He understands the important items for investors to look at it and is interested in helping others grow their real estate portfolio.  Mr. Whittaker and Mrs. Whittaker have been married for over 10 years.  They have four children: Jenai, Tamia, Imani, and Ryein.